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Executive Coaching in London

Executive Coaching is a demon developer of skills and leadership talent at work. The UK has a fair few.

In the big cities you’ll find a plethora of choices. Big training companies – smaller niche coaching organisations. Independent coaches also offer interesting ways to develop. There is a huge and growing choice. We’re based in London and around the UK and thought we’d try a few and see about our experiences. It was fascinating.

So what does coaching in london look like?

It’s good but can be very expensive. It’s a world centre for professional coaching and NLP work. Although exectuive coaching only really started to take off around early 2000’s.

A few of our favourite:

Arcan – specialise in customer services.  Coaching Academy in coaching training. EQworks in Emotionally intelligent london based executive coaching.

Executive coaches have all kinds of skills and offerings.

1) They’re different so the important thing is to ask – what is in it for you.What’s your purpose – your goals – your dreams – what issues have been holding you or your people or in fact your organisation back.

2) Use models or skills that suit your purpose.

We love NLP.
what is nlp model
What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

  • It’s the art of the possible
  • It unlocks the ay we learn and develop
  • It’s like having a map of how our brain works
  • It’s focussed on success, wellbeing
  • It works as our minds nautally work
  • It brings together emotions, beliefs and behaviours

What does NLP give you?

  1. It builds exceptional communication skills and rapport
  2. It builds sensory awareness
  3. It builds behavioural flexiblity and allows for choices to be created
  4. It focussed us on goals and action


It that enough for exceptional executive coaching?

No not exactly.

Knowing that people relate to and take in information in different ways is vital to undersatnding how we learn, comunicate and influence ourselves and others.

So a coach knowing VAK – the three ways we take in information – our representational system is a huge plus.

Coaches these days need to know more science, rsearch , assessments, models that ever before because we’re learning so much more about the mind and brain all the time.

Neuro science now is central to our understanding.

Who invented NLP? NLP goes back to the 1970s at the University of Santa Cruz.

Richard Bandler, a mathematician and Dr John Grinder, a linguistics professor, studied people who

they considered to be great communicators and highly adept at change as well as leading psychotherapists.

NLP has its roots in the world of therapy – Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson.



The map is not the territory- NLP

London based coaching or not – skype , Webex, Botim , TeamViewer are great ways to interact on the web and have tele coaching.  Long gone are the days you worried about loval talent.  You have the world to choose from now in coaches, either in london, the UK or across the World.