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How Do Executive Coaching Programes Work?

Ok so most organisations use Executive Coaching, it’s the norm these days. But why? And what’s the best executive coaching in the UK? Remember the UK is not just London. Manchester and Glasgow have increasing needs.

Executive implies a senior person within a company whose role is significant enough to have an impact on the organisation’s performance and outcomes.

And if the outcomes are worth millions – choosing to NOT fine tune this resource is simply stupid.

Ultimately this is should be the key foci for a company. So it’s worth spending time and money on any resource which can enhance this right? Does it work best. What is the best coaching experience?  Can it assure success?

Coaches focus on end goals, performance criteria and the ways to achieve these. It is the latter which is a blind spot for many at work. The emotions, behaviours, success protocols and mechanisms to produce success, as used in this context that builds organisational leaders.

If for every $ spent you knew that profit, success, outcomes or some other performance criteria was measurably improved to a far greater value than the $ then yo; d think yes- this is a no brainer. However there are blocks to such work.

Fear is a key factor. Senior people sometimes believe that they have more to lose from engaging with coaching and leadership training – where they may be exposed or shown to be weak or deficient in some way. Why bother when rock the status quo when we’re getting by?

And even if they can be persuaded to take a programme they might think that results or tests or coaching information may be shared with their peers or bosses. The c-suite executives themselves, in particular,  have the tendency to be extremely goal-oriented individuals but again as long as its on their terms.

We use exceptional in work performance assessments and in particular Emotional intelligence test like the advanced relationship test (A.R.T.) or the EQ-i 2.0 owned by MHS. Why these and not say MBTI or similar? MBTI is a personality assessment not focussed around, proven to be aligned to or able to specifically develop performance criteria, like leadership, resilience or wellbeing. These are the essential elements of performance and leadership and those related to managing change.

Basically, the any sort of executives coaching (organizational leaders and supervisors) certifies to be described as coaching – whether exactly what they are looking for is success in their individual or expert lives.

Executive coaching prepares us for leadership – what is this? It’s the ability to make the most of a moment, situation, relationship, interaction, information because we are open, clear, calmly and logically looking at all information and able to make it work best for us.

Simply put executive coaches enable people to get out of the way of themselves – in as much as It shows us what listing factors, behaviours and recurring issues we have. It gives us easy to model success and better behaviours. It also exposes us to the world of emotions as the way to understand ourselves, others and the world around us.

The way most executive coaching develops people is unique to them and their goals and needs. That’s why we use EQ tests. EQ Testing is profound. It works. Uncovers truth and skills.

These are the centre around which all coaching works. Within organisations this also challenges and improves key issues commonly found – silos, collaborative issues, relationship and communication issues. Engagement and leadership are key outcomes HR departments look at to improve.

There are seemingly theoretical elements to coaching-  psychology, interaction, sociology,  economics. in addition to a little bit of business management and organizational theory. Abilities on how precisely to coach individuals, ways to encounter as a motivating character, ways to interact well on a one-to-one basis, in addition to the best ways to interact well with a group are imparted at this phase.

Good executive coaching is like good sex – until you have it you may fully appreciate how much it can do for you and once experienced – it’s likely people keep coming back to coaching at work because it’s value is immeasurable and success, fulfilment  and wellbeing are always the prizes we ultimately want. That’s what executive coaching focuses on. More can be read about executive coaching in the UK and especially London at this link on www.EQworks.co.uk.

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